Construction machinery rental – is it profitable?

Regardless of what construction or renovation works we carry out, you will need specialized construction equipment. The purchase prices of this equipment are expenses of up to several hundred thousand zlotys. To this should be added the costs of using and maintaining machines, but also the costs of maintenance, inspections and repairs. After adding up, we get huge amounts that many entrepreneurs can scare. So what are the alternatives for construction companies? There is, of course, the option of external financing for the purchase of construction equipment in the form of leasing or a bank loan. It should be noted right away that due to the specificity of this equipment (high price, difficult marketability, high storage costs), many leasing companies or banks refuse to provide financing. There is no need to break down, it helps business ownersconstruction machinery rental . A service that is becoming more and more popular in Poland.

Long-term rental of construction machinery

Construction equipment rental companies distinguish two basic types: short-term rental and long-term rental. As you can guess, the difference lies in the length of the period in which we use the equipment. Who is the profitable for a short and for whom long rental? Short-term rental of construction machinery pays off especially when auxiliary equipment is needed at the construction site and when the costs of transporting the equipment from the company’s headquarters or base would be higher than the profits. It often happens that a construction company from Pomerania undertakes orders, e.g. in the mountains. If the order is not too time-consuming, companies decide to rent construction equipment in the area rather than transport it across the country. This solution is much more advantageous from an economic point of view.

Long-term rental of construction machinery is recommended for more complicated and, above all, time-consuming works, when access to equipment for several months will be required. Many construction companies have a problem with obtaining approval for leasing expensive construction equipment or the conditions obtained turn out to be very expensive. It is in such cases that these companies decide to rent construction machinery. It is also worth remembering that long-term rental is much cheaper than short-term rental of machines. For this reason, many entrepreneurs decide to rent the most needed equipment for long periods. Having in mind the possibility of using them on several construction sites.

Construction machinery rental allows you to control your expenses more easily

What equipment can be rented? The offers of Polish companies offering such services are very broad, but they can usually be divided into five segments. These are heavy construction machines, machines and small construction equipment used on a daily basis, equipment for work at heights, equipment constituting the infrastructure and facilities of the construction site and residential modules (containers for employees). As you can see, the offer of such companies can be used by both large construction companies that support huge investments, and small companies that are only a subcontractor or carry out small construction. Interestingly, the offer of companies renting construction machinery can also be used by private individuals who independently carry out construction work. What do the customers of such rental companies gain? First of all, better control of expenses.The price for renting a specific equipment is clearly determined in advance, so the entrepreneur can be sure that he will not pay more. In addition, many construction machinery rental companies also offer service and maintenance. This allows you to fully focus on the task at hand, without worrying about the need to carry out repairs or renovations of construction equipment.

What to look for when deciding to rent construction equipment ?

First of all, you should carefully read the signed contract. In particular, you should pay great attention to the provisions regarding the service or repair of rented construction machinery. There are many practitioners, some rentals repair the equipment on their own and free of charge, while others charge the customer with repair costs or force them to carry out the work themselves. This provision may significantly affect the final price we will have to pay. In addition, it is worth checking the company with which we want to cooperate. Especially in the context of opinions about a given company, but also the condition of the machine park. The newer machines are offered for rental, the better for a construction company. Who wouldn’t want to work on modern and yet unused equipment? It gives a great comfort of work,thanks to which you can fully focus on your tasks. It is imperative to ask about additional costs that may arise during use. One of the biggest advantages of renting construction machinery are the transparent and clear costs of using such equipment – no one wants to be unpleasantly surprised during construction works, when they learn about the need to pay additional fees.