Positioning of websites – how long does it take and does it pay off?

Positioning of  is one of the key activities that can ensure a constant influx of new users visiting a given website. The growing popularity of this form of advertising has contributed to the fact that many myths have arisen around it, which, unfortunately, may mislead many inexperienced entrepreneurs. Below are some important information that should help you understand what SEO is and what influences the positioning of pages on Google. Thanks to the knowledge of these basic facts, cooperation with companies dealing with positioning should be much easier.

How long does website positioning take?

Many people think that positioning pages is a simple task and it is easy to get the effect in a given time. It is not so. The speed of results is influenced by many different factors, such as the activities of the competition, the popularity of a given industry, Google’s algorithm or the size of a given page and its indexing time.

Professionals can roughly estimate the time needed based on their experience, but it will never be an exact date. Sometimes the effects can be obtained immediately, otherwise you have to wait for them for a long time. When undertaking cooperation with a given positioning company, you should take this into account.

Can I get a permanent position in the search engine?

No. SEO is a process that is influenced by many factors. The fact that a given site is in the top ten does not mean that it will stay there. Due to the fact that there are new companies that also want to break into the top ten, and the Google algorithm is still being improved, you should constantly work on maintaining your position.

Search engine optimization never ends, and the SEO industry is constantly evolving and new tools are appearing to help promote websites. Therefore, it is worth starting cooperation with a company that takes into account all industry novelties. This will give you the best effect.

Does the AdWords campaign affect the positioning of websites on Google?

Regular search results are not affected by purchasing paid search ads. Paid campaign is a standalone service. Of course, paid advertising and appearances in the first search results, can translate into a greater number of users who will later return to the site and generate more traffic  that will impact normal, free search, but this is an indirect influence, the so-called the synergy effect of marketing activities.

Is website optimization important?

Yes. A well-optimized website still plays a very important role in positioning. A badly optimized website will not be attractive either to users or to web robots.

Are good-quality SEO texts important?

Links leading to a given page play an important role in positioning, but it is worth noting that the content on the page is equally important. Google is a text search engine, so it relies heavily on the quality of the texts. Texts that are unreadable and that mainly consist of links and key phrases will not be taken into account or will only have a short-term effect.

Keep in mind that content should always be written primarily for people, and then for the algorithm.

Is the quality of the texts more important than the quantity?

Google makes sure that users get the best quality results. This applies not only to the perfect fit, but also to selecting high-quality content that will accurately answer your question. Moreover, it is also important that the texts are unique. The same content on two pages will cause the search engine to reject one of them. Good-quality content saturated with keywords will make the search engine evaluate a given page much better.

It is also worth noting that when positioning the website, you should exercise moderation. Posting huge amounts of graphics, texts or links may cause the information to be treated as SPAM and rejected. It is better to work regularly but at a lower intensity than to quickly upload large amounts of content, as this may be perceived by the algorithm as unnatural. Sometimes less is more.

Do SEO agencies know Google’s algorithm?

No. The operation of the algorithm is not official information that can be checked by every user. SEO specialists can only analyze the operation of the search engine and draw conclusions that will allow them to create positioning tools. Nothing more.

Search engine optimization is difficult and requires continuous improvement of marketing tools. Every year, Google makes hundreds or even thousands of changes that affect search (not to mention personalized advertising for users).

Is it worth outsourcing website positioning to a professional agency?

Yes. Industry experts know what to look for and how to correctly evaluate the data obtained from web traffic monitoring tools. SEO specialists can also advise on the selection of the best key phrases.