Who most often uses rented tow trucks?

A tow truck is a vehicle that has a permanently built-in tow truck, i.e. a platform for transporting cars. The tow truck can be used to transport not only passenger cars, but also delivery vans. They are also used for transporting motorcycles and for transporting construction machinery. They are used not only by people who need roadside assistance after a collision, accident or car breakdown, but also by those who find it more profitable to transport a given vehicle or machine on a trailer than on wheels. This is the case, for example, in the case of the transport of vehicles from abroad that would need to be insured and have registration plates.

Are the costs of renting a tow truck high?

Usually, you can use the option of renting a tow truck with a driver, you can also rent a tow truck without a driver. The latter option will be much cheaper, moreover, it will allow us to choose the right transport time for us without having to take into account the working time of individual employees. Renting a tow truck without a driver will be the best option for people who plan to travel back and forth. People who import cars from abroad appreciate the convenient and safe solution that the tow truck allows them to use. The regulations related to driving a car from abroad require the purchase of insurance and, of course, registration plates. If we transport a given vehicle on a tow truck, we will not have to worry about this type of additional costs. It happens that the cost of repairing a car abroad is much higher than in Poland, so it pays off much morerenting a tow truck to transport the damaged car to a workshop located in the country. Everyone who deals with transport knows how important is logistics and choosing the most economical solutions. It is worth comparing the costs associated with renting a tow truck with the price that we would pay for a repair in a foreign workshop, especially if the breakdown occurs on our way home.

Who can drive a tow truck?

We can never predict when the car will crash and we will need roadside assistance. It is worth knowing when towing a vehicle on a rope is prohibited, because in this case you will have to use a tow truck. If the total weight of the tow truck with loading does not exceed 3500 kg, it will be allowed to drive by a person with a category B driving license. Otherwise, only a person with C1 qualifications will be allowed to drive. Due to the fact that an average driver can drive a tow truck, the roadside assistance system is very much easier. Anyone wondering whether it is possible to earn money by renting a tow truck, should know that this name usually refers to the vehicle to which the car transport platform is attached. Although the term “tow truck” is often used interchangeably with “tow truck”, it has been reserved for trailers. Thanks to them, not only the towage of damaged vehicles is carried out, but also the transport of construction equipment, forklifts, agricultural machinery, or simply newly manufactured cars, transported to the dealer.

Can you earn money by renting a tow truck ?

As there are more and more cars on the roads, roadside assistance is constantly needed. Many people also cannot imagine transporting some machines or foreign cars without using a professional tow truck. Renting this type of vehicle is therefore, according to many people, a profitable occupation, which is why many people are considering running services related to renting tow trucks  However, if you decide to buy a tow truck for rent, make sure that it is a functional, relatively new vehicle, working flawlessly. It happens that people decide rashly to buy a tow truck at a cheap cost. Unfortunately, hardly anyone decides to rent it later, as nobody wants a car intended for the transport of damaged vehicles to end up in an unexpected failure on its own. In addition, the tow truck purchased at cost will require frequent repairs, which may entail costs significantly exceeding those associated with the purchase of a new and operational tow truck. Economic thinking must always look to the future, so also in the case of this type of investment, it is worth knowing that it is not worth cutting costs at the beginning, because it may turn out that we will throw away money.

Anyone who intends to rent a tow truck without a driver should pay special attention to the fact that transport on the tow truck complies with the regulations. This is the only way to avoid the unpleasantness of endangering the safety of other road users. We should also check the weight of the tow truck with its loading, because thanks to this we will be sure if our driving license entitles us to drive it. Then we will certainly not run into any fines and other unpleasantness. If we want to use the services of a company that rents tow trucks and tow trucks, we should check whether it is trusted by customers. Let’s also pay attention to the technical condition of the vehicles.