Is it worth opening your own trade stand?

Running your own business has many advantages. We set the time of our work and the amount of our earnings ourselves. It depends only on our commitment and dedication how much profit we will achieve. As research and statistics show, even for PLN 15,000 you can start your own business, such as a trade stand in a gallery or a kiosk. You can do it on your own or decide to use the franchise. In today’s article, we explain what profits result from running your own business in such a model. We cordially invite you to read carefully!

A trade stand in a mall – is it worth it?

Shopping stands in galleries are offered at very favorable prices. This is not the only advantage that comes from running your business as part of a trade stand. If we open our trade stands in the gallery, we will also gain advertising and promotion through leaflets or billboards displayed on the premises of a given commercial building. You can also count on very attractive discounts when renting large areas. The presence of information about our stand on the website and a constant flow of customers is also extremely important. We cannot forget about the convenient location, which gives our stand the necessary prestige.

All the above-described factors also clearly translate into the number of customers, i.e. higher profits. You have to bear this in mind, because the prices for renting commercial stands, depending on the center, can range from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. These costs will certainly not be a problem for us, because thanks to the large number of customers, we will achieve extremely satisfactory profits.

What to consider when choosing a shopping center?

It is worth knowing that when choosing the best place for a trade stand, the greatest attention should be paid to easy access, good location and a large number of people. Anyone planning to start their business running a trade stand must also be able to negotiate prices, mediate and save. Before we make any decision about renting, we should first calculate everything well several times. Only then will we be guaranteed that our trade stands will bring profits at a satisfactory level.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the commercial places – pay attention to whether there will be an opportunity for an attractive presentation of goods at a given stand and whether the premises meets all sanitary requirements. It is also necessary to verify whether the area proposed to us is sufficiently large. Before signing a contract for a sales stand , you also need to carefully research the prices offered by competitors. In addition, you also need to verify how the entity running a given shopping center treats entrepreneurs – the point here is whether they allow for negotiation of rental prices, whether they help promote the stand, whether they offer discounts in fees and whether they keep business cards of individual points located on their website. in a given gallery.

What do you need to remember?

If we do not have knowledge about modern trade, running a stand in a shopping mall may prove very difficult for us. To be successful in business, you need to know what goods are selling well. If we have products desired by a large group of consumers, they will certainly be very eager to use our services. Nowadays, it is also impossible to forget that our brand is very active on the Internet. Having a profile on Facebook or Instagram is an absolute priority at the moment. It is also extremely important to look for wholesalers and factories that will sell us high-quality products cheaply.

Entrepreneurs who fear too much risk should be interested in franchising. Franchising is about joining a given brand and getting a ready recipe for the success of our business. Cheap franchise systems, for example  in shopping malls , are growing the fastest on the market. The biggest advantage of investing in licensed commercial stands is operating under a well-known brand. A person running such a business has the trust of a wide range of customers from the very beginning, because the company has a well-known name.

It is enough that we have about PLN 26,000 and we can already run commercial stands with popular products. Within this amount, our stand will include a counter, a wardrobe, lighting posts, a furniture transport service or the purchase of all necessary goods. Many chains even help their franchisees to obtain special subsidies from the European Union to set up their own businesses. Of course, they don’t do it selflessly. When entering a franchise network, we will have to share the profits with a given company. In most cases, we have to give back about 30% of earned funds. Despite this, the franchise enjoys unflagging popularity in Poland because it is associated with low risk for the entrepreneur.