OCP policy – is it worth it?

People involved in the transport of goods – whether at home or abroad – know how important it is to feel safe. After all, very different things can happen on the road and unfortunately we are not always able to predict them. And when they are not foreseen, the harder it is to prevent them. Accidents are not only trouble, drama and trauma, but also generate high costs. The mere delay in the delivery of the goods is a loss, and the goods also have value. Therefore, it is worth buying a carrier’s OCP and enjoy the peace of mind, of course without losing your vigilance. We are able to recover the money lost as a result of force majeure, but we will not get back the time lost by all these problems, complications and formalities.

OCP https://www.fullpolisa.pl/wylicz-skladke/ubezpieczenie-oc-i-ocp-przewoznika/ policy guarantees that the services provided by the transport company are safe. And not only the services themselves, i.e. transport from place to place, but also the goods, the vehicle and the driver – yes, it is all safer thanks to the bristle insurance. This means that in the event of non-performance or neglect of the transport service, the party who loses it receives money to cover these losses. It is important that each transport was specified in the contract, otherwise no policy will help us. The contract must be in writing. It is all enshrined in legal regulations that you can find yourself on the Internet. Requirements, conditions, allowed options in contracts – you should learn as much as possible about this before you start looking for the best option for yourself and your company.

It is worth mentioning that the benefits of buying the carrier’s OCP are great for both the transport company and the customer. In the event of a mishap, for example, the driver is missing with the goods or the truck overturns, the insurance company covers the loss to the customer. Thanks to this, the carrier avoids this dubious pleasure, and also does not have to prove the circumstances of force majeure and other things that are difficult to prove. The amounts to be paid can reach many thousands of zlotys or even euros, so it’s not worth the risk. On the other hand, the customer does not have to fight for his money, he does not have to sue anyone or wait for the carrier, overwhelmed by the disaster, to gather enough to pay out money for losses. Quick transfer from the insurance company and it’s over. It’s beautiful and simple, and it’s weird that not every carrier buys this wonderful policy.Of course, the cost is high, but the feeling of safety and not being responsible for accidents are definitely worth it.

From what events exactly does the carrier’s OCP protect us? It is usually agreed individually between the parties to the contract, but as a standard, there are several examples of such events. These are, for example, theft. When a truck driver is asleep or goes shopping, his goods can be stolen even if the vehicle is properly secured. The ingenuity of thieves knows no bounds. Another circumstance that causes a loss is, for example, damage to or complete destruction of his goods due to a traffic accident. This is a very important point, because road accidents always happen on the roads, and after all, goods are transported on them. A delay in the delivery of goods can also bring losses. For example, when a client wants to produce something out of it, and that something has already been ordered by his client.In the event of a delay in the delivery of raw materials, there will also be a delay in production, so the manufacturer will incur costs related to failure to meet the deadline for producing the product. Fortunately, the carrier’s OCP will also cover these costs. And why can transport be late? For example, a breakdown in the vehicle or obstructions on the road, such as traffic jams or protests from workers at the viaduct construction site, may be to blame. Then there is no way out, time goes by, losses increase, and only the policy can save you a lot of trouble related to such an unpleasant situation. However, it’s not like we pay for the policy and we don’t have to worry about anything. Most often, the payment of funds will be made only when it is certain that the carrier has taken maximum care of transport safety and has not violated any health and safety rules during the transport of goods.Failure to comply with these regulations may result in non-payment of compensation. It is logical and seems fair, but there are supposedly companies that allow situations where the accident occurred due to the fault of a forwarder or driver and even then pay funds to cover losses related to this error. It is known that each insurer wants to attract as many customers as possible and does everything to tempt the best carrier’s OCP. Therefore, before we decide on a specific policy, you need to check whether there are more favorable ones. And after signing the contract, the carrier immediately raises its value as a reasonable manager whose company is professional and cares about customers, their money and the goods entrusted to the carrier. Sooner or later, such care will be noticed and appreciated, resulting in a large number of constant,satisfied and still flowing new customers.

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