What materials are event tents made of?

There are many types of event tents and each of them can be made of slightly different materials. Are you planning to rent a tent hall for your event or party? Read this text, learn about the possibilities available on the market and choose the model that best suits your needs!

Tents can have an area of ​​several to several hundred square meters, different heights, number of entrances, windows and ventilation openings. Their equipment and technologies used in their construction can also be different. They can be fitted with bars, heaters, furniture and dance floors, which are easy to arrange for rent . All this affects the functions of a given model and the ways of its application.

What are the types and functions of event tents?

Event and exhibition tents for rent are designed to organize various types of events and provide guests with comfortable conditions, regardless of the weather. They are one of the most important elements of the party. Once you have a tent hall in a beautiful place, just enough to organize a table hire , rent chairs , food, take care of the decor and musical setting, and you can invite guests to celebrate.

Large halls are perfect for many thousands of culinary and music events. Small tents are perfect as exhibition stands at fairs or street stalls. A structure of this type can be used as a place for a company meeting, occasional picnic, wedding, communion or any other larger event. Modern tent halls for rent are made of light and at the same time durable materials that raise their standard and reliability in all conditions. Modern technologies make it possible to use them even at temperatures from -40 o C to +60 o C.

Materials used in the construction of the event tent

What materials are event tents made of?The construction of event tents is usually based on steel rods and ropes, which make the whole thing stiff and unmoved even in strong wind or rain. The roofs and walls of the tents are mostly made of high-grammage plastics, such as PVC, which provide complete protection against extreme temperatures, rainfall and UV rays. Special Velcro fasteners help to effectively separate the inside of the tent from unfavorable external conditions and prevent leaves, snow or dust from getting inside. Hot-dip galvanized feet with anchoring holes allow for stable fixing of the structure to the ground.

In the case of many events, such as weddings, birthdays or banquets, it is necessary to arrange a dance floor . Usually it is constructed of square or rectangular wooden panels. It is relatively light, durable and stable, and thanks to the matte surface, there is no risk of someone slipping on it.

Modern, practical solutions

Good-quality, durable plastics and metals allow for great possibilities of various technological solutions used in the construction of event tents. Due to the time of year, the air in the tent hall can be heated with an electric heater for rent or cooled with air conditioners.

The tents are equipped with vents and the AIR CONTROL system, which prevents condensation on the internal walls. A wide retention apron on the side walls systematically drains water even during heavy rainfall and additionally protects the interior from getting wet. The curtain opening allows you to quickly and easily obtain a large entrance to the tent. For safety reasons, the tent hall should also have several exits that are easy to locate and open up.

Many of the halls are modular, so you can easily increase or decrease their floor space by adding or subtracting one of the parts.

What should you pay attention to when renting a tent?

Organizing a wedding, jubilee, conference or other type of event is often a large undertaking that requires time, financial commitment and good logistics skills. It is worth finding out where, near our event, you can rent tables and chairs , rent bars , reception, services of a catering company, music band or DJ. Many companies with event tents also offer the rental of heaters , thermos flasks, grills or dance floors .

Due to the rental time and the type of event tents, the rental prices are different. It is worth getting to know the offers of several companies and compare which of them offers the best quality products and the best price. You should remember about the necessity to add transport costs, which depends on the distance necessary to cover. The closer the company renting tents for a wedding or communion is located, the more profitable it is for the organizer’s pocket.

The construction of an event tent is not particularly complicated but requires the use of special materials and modern technologies. The high quality of the building material affects both the safety and comfort of using the tent hall. Thanks to the proper construction, made of professional materials, its interior has the right temperature, humidity and the right amount of oxygen. All this means that guests can focus all their attention on celebrating, eating, resting and having fun.