A practical review of interior design software

We have bought a flat or a house, we are planning a renovation. Another challenge begins before us. It is a suitable interior device. Everything seems easy and fun at first. Through the eyes of our imagination, we see a new living room, bathroom, kitchen … but what to do when our imagination plays a trick on us and nothing really fits, and instead of some stylistic order, we have a simple chaos and finally a mental emptiness? What should we start with in order not to lead to such a situation ? Playing as a designer on your own is a real challenge, and interior design for a layman is not easy at all, especially when we do not have specific needs and visions defined. As always, the Internet comes to the rescue, and from it comes useful programs that are adapted to independent and easy interior design.

Free and paid interior design software

A flat or a house is arranged once over a period of several or even several years. Then there are only the so-called interior freshening activities. But this first time usually helps us blaze a trail. We have paid and free programs on the web that help in interior design . There are also numerous programs on the market for the visualization of such rooms as a bathroom or a kitchen. They can be successfully bought inexpensively on a plate, sometimes they are simply an addition to colorful magazines that deal with interior design.

Online programs for interior design

Free programs that allow you to design an interior yourself are not entirely perfect. The programs won’t do everything for us. It is worth remembering that thanks to them, only a demonstrative visualization of the apartment is created. Usually, the applications do not reflect the appearance of the actual ceramic tiles or the style of the furniture, but primarily help to embrace the whole.

One of such free programs is Google SketchUP, among others. It helps to furnish the apartment with three-dimensional models and allows, among other things, to compose the color of the walls with the furniture and to select the appropriate lighting. So we will create a kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom design consistent with our expectations. The offer for people arranging a home is very easy to use Autodesk Homestyler (it works as a Flash application and has no system limitations). Thanks to it, you can also design a garden. A simple drag-and-drop mechanism works here. The program has a large base of ready-made elements. It allows you to see your design from above and create a 3D visualization. Roomtodo is one of the newer proposals. Thanks to the program, it is possible to design the entire apartment in 3D.The downside is the inability to furnish the rooms. At Power net +, interior design takes place online. The program proposes to use a large base of elements to be arranged. There are furniture, tiles, floors, stairs, windows, wall panels. The texture and color of the elements are available. With it, you can successfully design an interior that is unusual.

Programs for installation on a computer

On the web, you can also find free interior design programs that are not operated online. You can download them to your computer. One such program is the advanced Sweet Home 3D application. Thanks to it, you can design an entire house or apartment at the same time. Accuracy is the upside. Objects are created in individually selected dimensions, they are placed in a specific place. Therefore, such a design can successfully be considered credible. 3D project visualization is also available.

Programs from producers

Manufacturers of furniture or ceramic tiles on their websites very often offer the possibility of interior design. Thanks to this, interior design from selected specific elements of equipment is most helpful in visualizing a living space. Such a program is available on its website, among others, by IKEA or the manufacturer of bathroom furniture, the brand KOŁO or Tubądzin – Mobile Tiler.

What program is worth paying for?

Some people will answer no, because they are mostly for professional interior designers. And why pay, since this program will not earn for itself, but only take up space in the computer’s memory? An independent interior design project is usually only an introduction to handing it over to a professional. Unfortunately, professional consultation and creating visualization costs much more than a program that will help us verify our ideas on our own. Secondly – the house is our private space and only we really know how we want to arrange it. So the designer will not always meet our tastes in 100% . When we fail, let us use his services. But … back to the programs. One of the programs with which interior design is pure pleasure is a fully professional CAD Decor. The advantage is the ease of use, many very precise visualization functions, 3D animations and the possibility of creating technical documentation and renovation valuation.

The interior design can show us how to choose wall wallpapers or paints for our room. The interior design is the comfort of living. The practicality of choosing a roller shutter is also important. So we have a wide selection of programs. What will be the best? There is no one-size-fits-all program, and each has its own pros and cons. Sometimes it is worth using a program dedicated to the design of the bathroom or kitchen or use the possibility of visualizing the entire apartment. It all depends on our individual needs.