How to properly prepare for the relocation of companies?

When we set up our own company, we choose the appropriate headquarters for it. However, it may turn out over time that it is too small or no longer meets the requirements of employees and customers. Therefore, it may be time to shop around for a new place. However, the problematic and protracted move is every manager’s nightmare. So how to avoid problems when moving a company? What do we need to know and how to prepare for it so that everything goes smoothly and without nerves?

Do we have to report the change of seat somewhere?

When setting up their own business, each of the entrepreneurs fills in an appropriate application, in which the place of business is given. If these data change, the entrepreneur is obliged to indicate the new seat. The entrepreneur has exactly 7 days to do so from changing the address. So it is not a very long period. We have to check whether the plots, such as the Tax Office, will not change after the change of the place of business. In turn, the correspondence address should be reported to the suppliers, for example to the mobile network operator.A very important element is changing the address data on your company’s website. Interestingly, entrepreneurs very often forget about it. This is really a big mistake. Unfortunately, this error can end up losing customers. Existing customers or new customers who want to use the services of our company can go to the old address and “kiss the door handle”. It is certainly a good practice to support the change of address with additional information on our social media channels, or in some cases also by means of advertising in the search engine. Of course, it all depends on the profile of our company’s activity.

How to prepare for the company’s relocation?

Moving companies is a huge challenge. Badly planned or badly prepared relocations of companies can really be the source of many big problems. It is not only about damage to potential property, but also problems with prolonged inability of the company to work or the loss of important documents. So how to prepare for it? Certainly, the mainstay of a successful business is planning. You should write out all documents, furniture and items that will be transported to our new location. This is a good time to clean up. Most often, many things should not be transported to the new office because they can already be thrown away. The inventory of property together with information about the original place is a great convenience for all employees of the office and also for the moving company.Sorting cardboard boxes and marking them properly is the next step. It is best to always have important items and important documents on the top and clearly signed so that you can return to work as soon as possible.

Removals of companies are also associated with the risk of damage to our property. Therefore, all items, starting with furniture and ending with documents, should be properly secured. It turns out that every professional moving company should have materials both for packing and securing the entrusted items for the very duration of the move. Particularly noteworthy are plastic packaging containers, in which you can put more valuable items, as well as self-adhesive labels, which allow us to properly segregate and label the items transported. In large moving companies, you can also count on the support of a personal advisor who will advise you at any time and also answer customer questions.

It is worth paying special attention to what the moving company offers as part of additional services. An experienced company of this type should primarily have an appropriate fleet, and also offer us assembly and disassembly of office furniture. It is also worth checking whether a given company offers the mere handling of items with non-standard dimensions or greater weight. This is especially important when there is any need to move, for example, custom-made furniture or safes.

Before making the final decision, it is also worth checking the references from the clients of the previous relocation company. It is really a very good indicator of the very quality of the services offered. Sometimes, unfortunately, we can come across a moving company that is not entirely professional. We will definitely get to know such a company online. And after what exactly? Even after a lot of negative opinions. Therefore, we only choose companies with positive opinions. Of course, it is best to get to a given company by recommendation, but it is not as easy as it might seem. We must bear this in mind. A proper analysis is necessary. It is too big a venture to use the help of just any company. After all, we do not change the headquarters of our company very often.