Agricultural machinery most often sought by farmers

Today, agricultural holdings are developing rapidly due to the use of new agricultural machinery. More and more advanced technologies are being introduced to help farmers and agricultural producers develop and improve their work so that they can achieve a satisfactory profit. Agricultural machinery is replenished annually with new models, combined units appear that allow you to perform several operations at once.

Agricultural machinery popular in agriculture

Agricultural machinery is represented by the most advanced examples of soil cultivation equipment. It is a wide range of technical tools designed to increase labor productivity in agriculture by mechanizing and automating individual operations or technological processes. Here are some examples of essential agricultural machinery that farmers are looking for:

Cultivators for soil cultivation

The cultivator is used for pre-sowing soil cultivation. It is a tool that loosens the soil to a shallow depth. These cultivators are of two types: plowshares and discs. Manual cultivators work with the soil at a depth of 10–18 cm, they are equipped with a discharge body with a working width of 25 cm, they cooperate with the working body at a depth of only 4–10 cm, and the working discs are the working tool of such a cultivator.

Depending on the method of soil cultivation, they can be divided into classes: manual and automatic, electric and gasoline. Each such device is designed for a specific type of work and has many advantages. In one case, it is impossible to do without a powerful motor cultivator, in another, only a small manual option will be able to get the job done.

The manual cultivator is the simplest type of agricultural machine . With its help, you can loosen the ground in hard-to-reach places (in narrow flower beds, in greenhouses, near the fence) without damaging neighboring plants. The main advantages of such devices are: high mobility, ease of use, content, no need for additional maintenance. However, such a device, although it simplifies physical work, requires effort to cultivate the soil.

But today you can easily buy a light and mobile model of an electric cultivator. The obvious advantages of this choice will be: greater power and efficiency (compared to a hand tool), no environmental pollution, simplicity of operation and maintenance.

The most versatile but also the most expensive tillage implement is the gasoline garden cultivator. It has many undeniable advantages, such as: multifunctionality (thanks to additional equipment), large area of ​​the processed surface, unlimited radius of movement, high power, the possibility of deep soil cultivation.

The purchase of a manual cultivator is justified if you need to cultivate small plots with light soil. In other cases, you should think about buying a gasoline cultivator for loosening the soil on larger surfaces.

Motoblock – walk-behind tractor

With the advent of spring, many people are thinking about how to make gardening easier. An excellent helper is such an agricultural machine as a motoblock, that is, a walk-behind tractor, which allows you to save time and effort in preparing for the summer season. Motoblock is a multifunctional technique for growing, planting various crops, caring for flower beds, lawns, harvesting and other works. There is a stereotype that such equipment is only used in the summer season and for a limited list of jobs, but in fact it works all year round thanks to the huge range of attachments. For example, in winter, the motoblock is used for snow removal, and in the off-season for cargo transportation.

All motoblocks can be divided into several types:

  • Light motoblocks are agricultural machines designed for growing small plots of land. Motoblocks are light and compact, they are comfortable to work in tight spaces.
  • Medium-sized walk-behind tractors. The equipment weighs up to 100 kilograms, is equipped with appropriate engines, which allows for the processing of a fairly large surface of the ground. Due to its weight, the average tractor grips the soil deeper and wider.
  • Heavy motoblocks. Such agricultural machines are professional equipment and have enormous resources, are often used in agriculture and can cope with all tasks and with the heaviest soil.

Plows are agricultural machinery for tillage

Plowing of soil can be done both for sowing and to improve the quality of the soil by applying fertilizers to it. In the latter case, especially after pouring liquid fertilizers, it is necessary to thoroughly compact the loosened and fertilized layer in order to maximize its impregnation with valuable mineral and organic substances, this is done with special plows, usually pulled by a tractor.

In the spring, agricultural stores have a full range of plows of various modifications (reversible, mounted, semi-mounted), the choice of which depends on the requirements for soil conditions and the specifics of the crops being grown. Rotary plows are the most frequently chosen, which provide optimal deep and high-quality plowing with the accompanying loosening and turning of the blade. Such devices are good for plowing for crops and for working to improve soil fertility. Mounted plows, ideally suited to non-black soil, are also essential among farmers.