EU subsidies – how to obtain funds for the company?

Often there are situations in which we would like to start our own business, unfortunately we do not have enough funds to start. This is quite an annoying and problematic point at the same time. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain EU subsidies as long as we meet the basic requirements. What are European Funds? How to obtain funds for our company? What aspects should we pay special attention to? What nuances should we not forget? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

European Funds – what is it?

EU subsidies – how to obtain funds for the company?European Funds is one of the international organizations with a huge budget. It is from it that various activities are financed, aimed at reducing the differences between the European Union countries and regions. Funds allocated to the development of enterprises or to combating the unfavorable phenomenon of unemployment are by far the most popular. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the European Funds are not only a source of cash for young entrepreneurs, but also projects aimed at facilitating the establishment of a new company. For example, specialized training, vocational courses or postgraduate studies are financed. We can count on funding related to starting a business, as well as on career counseling – a specialist will help us choose the right profession for us.

Start by defining your goal

If we want to obtain EU subsidies, we must first of all set a goal for which the European Union funds will be allocated. As a consequence, it will not be possible without the preparation of an advanced business plan – this is where we put our ideas, and take into account the justifications or effects. We must not forget that it is necessary to select the spatial and temporal scope of the project. Consequently, we have to define the area in which the project will operate, and when it will be possible to implement it. The loan for entrepreneurs to start is also interesting . As a rule, it is low-percentage, thanks to which we are able to raise money for the necessary activities.

Pay attention to EU programs

We must be aware that all subsidies are granted to young entrepreneurs under the European Union programs. So, our next step should be to select an operational program, and also to include activities that will somehow meet the needs of our business. Remember to adjust the program in such a way that acting at a rapid pace will contribute to the achievement of the intended goal. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the special application of the European Funds Portal may turn out to be a bull’s eye. this is where we are able to find a guide that will help us indicate which program will be right for us.

Decide to submit an application

If an EU loan to startis not satisfactory for us and we expect a subsidy that we will not have to return, then we have to submit the application and wait for its consideration. Before this happens, we need to know the application deadlines. If we are applying for a grant for the first time, it is worth deciding to use the detailed instructions for its completion. It may turn out to be a bull’s eye, because it is important to complete the application without errors. It should be prepared both on paper and in electronic form. In the attachments, we must include such documents as, for example, the implementation schedule, financial analysis, business plan, feasibility study. Let us remember that the aforementioned “papers” will be assessed in terms of content. The content of the documents is checked very carefully,as a consequence, the assessment of the application may take up to 3 months. If we would like to getloans for entrepreneurs , then we can establish cooperation with consulting companies. They offer help to young entrepreneurs in obtaining funds. In addition to filling in the necessary applications, they will monitor the implementation of the contract, which is certainly very beneficial for us.

Remember to sign the contract

If we want to receive subsidies from the EU, we must sign an appropriate agreement. It is established with the institution that deals with grants. It should be remembered that the documents precisely define all obligations and rights for the project implementation. For this, details related to the settlement of the project were taken into account. The aforementioned subsidy is of course paid in the form of a refund. If we want to get it, at the end we have to submit one more withdrawal request. We also attach documents to confirm all costs incurred – of course, these are invoices. By fulfilling the terms of the contract, we can be sure that we will receive funds.