Enlarge your home with wall murals

According to what criteria should you choose wallpaper for your home? The determinants may be different, it depends on what we are looking for at the moment. When it comes to wall murals for bathrooms, it would be good to put on those that will have additional protection against moisture. In bathrooms, humid and cold air usually prevails, and this state of affairs will have an impact on the appearance of our wallpaper over time. Those with anti-moisture coatings will serve their users much longer, and will also retain greater and long-lasting adhesion. You will be able to forget about bending and peeling wallpaper corners. Everything will stay clean and tidy for a long time. For children’s rooms, on the other hand, we offer versatile wallpapers that can be painted. Kids will love them at first sight. Which child doesn’t like getting dirty while playing? You can paint on wallpapers in every possible direction and with any tool – brushes, sponges, crayons, paints and felt-tip pens. Each tool leaves a specific, easy-to-wash trail!

We optically enlarge a small children’s room

At the very beginning of their existence, children do not need a large room. It will be time for that in a while. Cozy, children’s rooms should be optically enlarged at least a little. How can I do that? The right arrangement of furniture will certainly help a lot, as well as using wallpapers that will enlarge the room by having characteristic geometric patterns on its surfaces. Quite an interesting wallpaper for a child’s roommay be a perspective wallpaper, depicting, for example, your favorite characters from animated fairy tales and computer games in three-dimensional positions. Children simply love to play and rest in interiors arranged in this way. Striped wallpapers can also optically enlarge small rooms. Thanks to wallpapers with colorful vertical stripes, we will get the impression that the ceiling in a rather low room is slightly higher. It is recommended to use gradual discoloration of sunny colors. The layered overlapping of colors also creates a kind of illusion of space.

How much does paintable wallpaper cost?

There is no uniform, top-down market price. Much depends on the reputation of the manufacturer and the duration of the functioning of its products on the market. Modern wallpaper that can be painted costs from 100 to even 1000 PLN for a variety of formats. Sometimes they take the form of joined stripes, and other times they are rectangles that can be mounted on any type of wall surface. Paintable wallpapers are usually slightly more expensive than traditional wallpapers, if only because they have this additional function in the form of the possibility of creating your own visual works on their surfaces. If we are bored with the existing walls at home, we want a change without having to invest in wallpapers that can be found in every other Polish house – just buy a wallpaper with the possibility of designing decorative motifs on it.Such a solution can bring a lot of joy to the whole artistically talented family!

Using the advice of interior designers

It is highly recommended if we are faced with a dilemma about what kind of wallpaper to choose. At the moment, the stores have a very rich selection, but what if not everything fits the furniture and accessories arranged by us in advance? Unless, together with the new wallpaper, we also decide to change the whole interior design of the rooms, so it’s a slightly different situation. A qualified interior designer, whom we entrust with changing the decor of our house or apartment, can go with us for tangible and specific purchases in DIY stores and wherever we want to buy something valuable for our home interior. They also give advice on what kind of wallpaper glueit will be the most effective, odorless and efficient. Having a qualified interior consultant by your side, we simply won’t spend some money on unnecessary trinkets. It is a great convenience to have someone in the form of the Guardian Angel of aesthetics. There can be no question of any shortcomings during the renovation!

How many times do you need to change the wallpaper at home?

There is no uniform criterion on this. We should consider changing the wallpaper in the place where we live when we notice that the colors on its surfaces have faded and the traces of use are already too visible. On average, after 5 years, you can change the wallpaper to a new one without thinking, although in many homes it looks like that after years of spending with wallpaper, you choose a pastel, uniform color of the wall. The situation can also be reversed. After years of spending with solid walls, patterned wall murals may suddenly appear . It is definitely worth allowing yourself to experiment with a variety of surfaces. Combining aesthetically opposing wallpapers and photo wallpapers can often give an electrifying and artistically interesting effect.