Go crazy with color in spring

Spring is the time when everything revolves around preparations for the coming warming. We not only clean the garden and clean the house thoroughly, we also often look into the wardrobe and think about which things can be hidden and which can be taken out. Then we carefully evaluate all the lighter clothes, we have to decide what to wear in the new season. Fortunately, this year the popular colorful fashion has returned . It rarely happens that in such a case, last year’s clothes cannot be “recycled” and reappear in the wardrobe. A few additions are enough and we look like straight in the fashion catwalk.

Colorful fashion – it’s time to segregate and quickly inspect the wardrobe

The first step in the pursuit of fashionable wardrobe contents is to empty it of all the things that don’t suit us. In this matter, it is worth listening to the minimalists and matching a few sets that we will be happy to wear when going out. According to their philosophy, what you haven’t put on in the last six months will never be pulled out of the closet again. Then we quickly assess whether our items have a style, or whether they are a mix of everything that was fashionable in previous seasons. If the former, the work will be facilitated. The second option forces us to sort and choose the most valuable clothes for us. Colorful fashion does not make anything easier for us, we have to decide for ourselves what we want to wear.

The next stage of sorting, selecting sets

Finished choosing the best clothes? In that case, we can give the unnecessary ones to someone. It will be a good deed to support social welfare centers with them or to give them to friends, needy people. The rest of the things should be refreshed, ironed and folded. The last step is to create new sets and possibly supplement them with stylish accessories. We can successfully decorate plain blouses and dresses with long necklaces, belts or ribbons. T-shirts will look best together with a denim jacket or a ramones jacket. These patterned ones are perfect for solo wear. Remember that colorful fashion requires a bit of fantasy in the compositions.

The most fashionable colors of this spring

Colorful fashion means that the clothes that make us stand out from the crowd are the most valued. Reds, yellows, oranges and intense blues are perfect for this. We can go crazy in the whole composition or choose only one thing that will stand out from the others. Red and yellow work great with black and earth tones, as well as orange, but you need to be more careful here. The most difficult thing is with the fashionable shade of blue – royal blue. It’s such an intense color that it looks best on a dress or jumpsuit. We should also remember about our type of beauty. Not everyone will look good in all fashionable shades.

For those who don’t like going crazy, fashion is always for everyone!

Let’s not worry if we feel that colorful fashion is not for us. Pastels and browns are also fashionable. In addition, frills and mesh binding are also popular. A treat for lovers of the boho style and hippie chill. A big plus of these colors is the wide possibilities of combining. We don’t have to worry about whether they will fit together for sure. Interestingly, boho uses red, orange and yellow very often. It owes it to the Middle Eastern roots of its style. The colors of the earth are about naturalness. To make the style seem complete, it’s worth thinking about a natural hair color. The popularity of colored hair has decreased again, so we can breathe a moment and stop bothering it with the bleach.

Fashion emergency service, or what to do when ideas are missing

Not everyone can organize their wardrobe on their own. There are cases when all the clothes seem valuable and we get rid of even the smallest, most worn T-shirts with a pain in the heart. In this case, it is worth going for help – your own stylist . Professional wardrobe matching is becoming more and more popular. We can easily find services of this type on the Internet and use them at special points. In addition, shopping malls often organize events to which the biggest stars of this business are invited. It is true that there is usually a queue for free consultations, but thanks to the proximity of shops, we can quickly get advice.

Choose the right cut to your body shape

Fashion does not end with choosing the right color or even the type of clothing. The cut also counts and should be adjusted to the type of figure you have. Hourglasses are the easiest to have, because their qualities will be easily emphasized by most of the clothes available on the market. It is worse when it comes to apples or people with massive thighs or arms. Such drawbacks of the figure, however, can also be hidden with an appropriate composition. Remember, in most cases the goodness of the figure should come first, and only then do we think about the color.