Elisabetta Franchi – A brand with an exclusive meaning

Grade? Certainly! Grace? Without a doubt! Array? Of course! This is how we can define the Elisabetta Franchi brand , which is one of the leading brands when it comes to premium fashion and luxury solutions for women. The producer of this brand is a woman full of passion, love for beauty and emphasizing femininity in the best sense of the word. Elisabetta from Bologna, since the 90s she has been associated with fashion for good, she began to create unusual solutions and timeless clothes, which today are hidden under the name Elisabetta Franchi . The products of this brand are certainly not the cheapest, but everyone who wears them once will know what excellent material quality, perfect cut, impeccable style are, class in themselves down to the smallest detail.

What is the brand Elisabetta Franchi?

First of all, it is an icon of good style and one-of-a-kind taste when it comes to extracting the essence of beauty from a woman’s body through carefully selected premium clothes . This brand was founded in the 90s and from the beginning of its existence it was focused on luxury in itself, which we can see today in every product created for the needs of customers. Just browse the brand’s offer to see how much it has to offer. Our store is a place where, for sure, each lady will receive everything she cares about. Many different proposals, lots of colors and patterns, and all of this beauty expressed in a feminine, but extremely original way. What can we offer you, ladies?

  • blouses

Elisabetta Franchi blouses are beauty expressed in a simple, but at the same time so extraordinary way that you cannot pass by them indifferently. So many different proposals that they will turn out to be perfect for trousers and skirts, for a more elegant, as well as a bit sporty style. One thing is certain – no matter what product we choose, everyone will certainly turn out to be the perfect part of our wardrobe.

  • sweatshirts

Although we associate Elisabetta Franchi primarily with luxury, wealth and class, who said that you cannot put on sweatshirts in this style . Those proposed in our offer are distinguished by their original appearance, modernity and, above all, attention to the smallest details and details. One thing is for sure, if a good edition sweatshirt, then the one from Elisabetta Franchi will turn out to be the perfect choice.

  • body

Undoubtedly, women love bodysuits , because nothing like them can emphasize feminine shapes and a perfect figure. You can combine them with trousers as well as skirts and they will look impeccable in every edition. In our product offer, each of the ladies will surely find the perfect model just for themselves.

  • jeans

Do any of us have jeans in our wardrobe? Certainly, these are the most frequently chosen pants, which only each of us puts on, because they are universal, they fit everything, and you can wear them on many different occasions. Paired with the right top and boots, they always look good. We hope that those offered by this brand will also turn out to be a real bull’s eye.

  • shirts

Every woman should have shirts in her wardrobe . Some are more elegant, others with a slightly sporty character. One thing is certain, however – they are an excellent choice that can suit work, a meeting with a client, a Sunday lunch with the family, an important conference, anywhere. From among the offers on offer, each of the ladies will surely find their perfect model.

  • boots

When it comes to Elisabetta Franchi , the shoes are certainly also worthy of attention . You can bet on elegant boots as well as stylish boots . All proposals are perfect to be able to create unusual and one-of-a-kind stylizations out of them.

As you can see, there are really many offers and we are convinced that each of them will find its recipient. One thing is certain, if the luxury clothing meets the needs of all customers, then this one will certainly be a real hit.

What distinguishes the Elisabetta Franchi brand?

Certainly, such a variety of colors that make these proposals perfect for women who like simple solutions as well as crazy ideas. In the offer, every woman will find premium clothes for herself , which on the one hand can be available in white and black, otherwise in pastel, yet another, in combination with many strong colors, which together give a truly spectacular effect. What’s more, this brand focuses on a material that you certainly cannot pass by indifferently. So perfect for the body, so nice, so comfortable to wear, it is definitely worth the money spent on it. And in fact, regardless of whether it is a knee skirt or a blouse, each product is unique and each deserves the recognition of the designer herself.