Where to spend your vacation cheaply and comfortably?

Although we are only at the beginning of the year, it is worth thinking about vacation today. Until June, time will go faster than we expect. Of course, there are also those among us who postpone the decision about holidays literally to the last minute, because they want it to be spontaneous and unexpected. This solution is most often adopted by the youngest generations of Polish tourists. Older people, with more life experience, like to have everything planned. And this down to the smallest detail. The plans keep our operations in check. They ensure that we do not waste unnecessary time on completely unnecessary things. When browsing the offers of travel agencies, you can come across a variety of holiday offers. The cheaper holiday in Sardinia attracts the attention . You can go there alone or in company. Sardinia is an Italian island where every Pole will feel at home. If you still have doubts about a trip to Sardinia, be sure to check out the photos of the open air on the Internet. You just have to be there! At least once in a lifetime!

Sardinia, hello!

Sardinia is an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It cannot be denied that in the summer season it is quite crowded there, which may not suit everyone. Fortunately, among the increasingly crowded beaches and rocky spaces, you can still find intimate places, where the crowds will not interfere with our concentration. It’s great to stretch out on a towel as you lie on a Sardinian beach sipping the best wine in the world. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is an unforgettable experience. These colors! It’s air! We are not surprised that the inhabitants of Sardinia are reaching a late age, since life here seems to flow slower, with its rhythm. We can focus here primarily on ourselves and our needs. The beaches in Sardinia are even perfect for all lovers. On a Sardinian beach many Poles proposed to their loved ones.Taverns are open until late at night. You can get to know the local tradition and cuisine.Holidays in Sardinia are a great opportunity to see how traditional Italian dishes are prepared here. No Italian restaurant in Poland can teach us that.

What to take with you to Sardinia?

First of all, we need a good mood. You also need to get a day cream against UV rays, because the sun in Sardinia can be really hot. People with many moles should be careful with sunbathing. We have already met the questions of whether you can sunbathe topless on the beaches of Sardinia? Italians are extremely open on this issue. Certainly they will not make a fuss to a woman tanning without a bra. The beauty of the human body is a natural thing for them, like eating or breathing. Our suitcase prepared for a holiday in Sardiniait should be light. Due to the high air temperature, you need to invest in light and airy clothing in the first place. It does not hurt to take a few pieces of warmer clothes, thicker pants or sweaters, because evenings can sometimes surprise us with their coldness.

Watch out for a few things!

Spending all inclusive holidays in Sardinia, be sure to watch out for yourself when visiting the sights of the island in a group. Unfortunately, as in all crowded resorts, we also deal with crimes there. Unfortunately, you can come across pickpockets on the island. That is why it is so important that you always have a secured wallet in your bag when traveling, walking or going out to unknown places. The local police strongly advise against the use of popular money pouches, fastened on the hips with an attached belt. These types of wallets are at risk of the fastest theft. In more busy places, it is recommended to wear a bag or backpack in the front, right next to the torso, not on the back, on the back. You never know who will follow us from behind. Let us not accept any edible products of unknown origin from strangers on the street.You also have to watch out for courtship in restaurant and social venues. If a stranger offers us a drink while being distracted by a third person, it is better to decline.

Holidays in Sardinia can be fabulous!

Those who have spent their vacation here at least once agree that it was worth it. Crowded, expensive hotels, everything is bearable. The beauty of the local landscape is impossible to convey anything else. The views seen while crossing the ferry remain in the memory for a long time and are a source of memories for many years. Putting aside for holidays in Sardinia is worth starting with the advent of the new year, and in June or July, allow yourself to go on a crazy escapade. In addition, it is worth mentioning that such journeys turn out to be the best when a trusted group of a few friends is formed, who have known each other for many years and can rely on each other at any time. Travel connects people and binds them together. Not infrequently for life. The smile of an enthusiastic traveler is one of the most beautiful smiles in the world!