Cosmetics for children how to choose?

There is a whole lot of products for young children on the market, among a wide range of products it is difficult to make the right choice, especially for parents who have their first child, the multitude of functions and brands of cosmetics for children is huge, but there are several aspects that you should always pay attention to in order not harm the child in any way. First of all, products for young children should contain as few chemical substances as possible that can lead to allergies and sensitization of sensitive child’s skin, which has virtually no protective barrier yet. Secondly, it is good to focus on cosmetics of the same series, which will complement each other in some way and will not negatively affect each other in any way. Third, you should choose products for young children from reputable brands,which have certificates confirming that they are completely safe for children.

When it comes to individual products dedicated to young children, you should pay attention to individual issues depending on the product.

What about bathing?

Suitable washing liquids for small children, without affecting their natural protective barrier, are gentle on the skin and do not cause allergies. If the child has healthy, not dry skin, it is possible to successfully use products for small children, such as dermatological cleansing bars or emollients. The latter form an invisible protective film on the epidermis during washing, further strengthening the child’s lipid barrier. When using emitters, you should not use any washing agents because they will reduce the beneficial effects of these specialized preparations.

Spreadable creams

Bum cream is an absolute must when it comes to products for young children, especially when they are still wearing diapers. Even if the baby does not suffer from chafes or redness, it is worth using it prophylactically at every diaper change and after bathing. They eliminate the lack of air circulation between the diaper and the skin of a small child, preventing chafes that are unpleasant and painful for the child. These types of products for young children should have a moisturizing and antibacterial effect. It is worth using them regardless of the type of diapers used, and the condition of the toddler’s skin in these areas.

Face protection

Another sticky product that should find a place in a baby’s cosmetic bag is a protective face cream. The skin of young children is extremely sensitive to UV radiation, wind, pollution and cold, so it should be used without question before taking it outside. Good-quality products for young children from this group, first of all, care about the appropriate level of skin hydration, and contain sunscreen, which, contrary to popular opinion, should be used from the first days of life, because even a booth placed in a pram while walking on a sunny day} may not protect your baby’s face completely from the sun’s rays, which emit harmful UV radiation.

Sterile swabs are a product not only for small children, but for parents who have children in their infancy, they will certainly be useful. They can successfully replace any wet wipes, they are perfect for wiping the child’s eyebrows and for washing the delicate eye area. In this case, it is worth relying on sterile swabs wrapped individually, so you can be sure that you always touch your child’s skin with a clean and hygienic product that has not had contact with any bacteria before.

Protective lotion

The protective lotion will check for those parents who do not use emollients during the bath, it should be used immediately after bathing, when the baby is gently dried. A thin layer of the balm ensures an adequate level of hydration of the newborn’s skin. However, if the baby’s skin is fully healthy and shows no signs of dehydration, this [product for young children] can be successfully dispensed with. It is also worth remembering that baby oil cannot replace a good balm in any way, so these products should not be used interchangeably.

Baby layette

When completing the first layette for a child, there is no need to panic and buy large stocks of cosmetics. It may not turn out that some products for young children will not suit our child, so it is worth getting a minimum at the beginning and slowly expanding the supply of the child’s dressing table. The only thing you should always remember is to buy products for young children that match their age, in proven points, from reliable sources, preferably in pharmacies or authorized stores. Thanks to this, we are sure that the given cosmetics are completely safe for the health of our baby. It is also worth paying attention to whether the purchased products have certificates of well-known and respected dermatological institutes, such as the Institute of Mother and Child or the National Institute of Hygiene.