How to arrange an old bathroom?

Ugly bathrooms are the bane of apartment block residents. Made in the 1980s, they frighten with strange colors and motifs. However, there is still a shortage of funds for a major renovation. That is why we try to close our eyes to the ugliness of this room by spending as little time as possible in it. Such situations last for years and we can easily do the renovation of the bathroom ourselves and we do not need a construction team for this  . And its cost can be reduced to up to a thousand zlotys. Everything will depend on the available finances, but the possibilities are really many.

Painting the tiles

A lot of people decide to repaint the tiles in the bathroom, which allows for a completely different interior. Specialized paints are not too cheap, but the total cost of covering will be about PLN 200-300, including the floor, to which other paints are used. First, we need to disassemble all bathroom furniture and appliances to gain free access. We must remember that such painting will take us 3-4 days, during which we will have limited access to the bathroom.

We start painting with a thorough washing of the surface. We especially need to take care of the tiles on which bathroom furniture was hung . They are the most slippery and therefore sometimes require matting. Depending on the color of the tiles, the surface will have to be painted two or three times to cover the surface well. Each layer must dry for 24 hours and only then we can proceed to further painting. We don’t have to worry about the joints, if we choose a good roller, the paint will cover them calmly. In the case of cavities, we have to supplement them before painting.

Then we can paint the floor. It is best to take care of the contrast by choosing, for example, light colors for the walls and dark colors for the floor. Thanks to the painter’s tapes, we can paint the tiles in a checkerboard pattern. It all depends on our time and manual skills. If the tiles do not cover the entire surface, we also have to paint the walls with moisture-resistant paints.

Painting or replacing furniture

Depending on your finances and the degree of damage to bathroom furniture, we can decide to renovate them or buy completely new ones. If the furniture does not have any major damage and has an interesting design, you can safely leave it. You only need to put a little work into renewing them. First of all, you need to prepare the surface for painting. In the case of varnished furniture, we must take care of removing the varnish layer so that the paint adheres well and covers the surface well. Bathroom furniture must be painted at least twice, and finally it can be covered with varnish again. Changing the handles in a contrasting color will also be a big variation. Small expense, huge change.

If we have adequate financial resources, we can buy new bathroom furniture,which will match the painted interior. A few hundred zlotys will allow us to have standard equipment. Cabinet under the sink and an additional wall mounted. We have to assess the condition of the washbasin or its size that allows it to be adapted to the cabinets available on the market. We can also think about changing the taps, especially when we have traditional taps divided into hot and cold water, which are not very convenient to use. Replacing a wall or sink faucet is not difficult. If we have a slightly larger budget, we can think about custom-made furniture. This will allow you to develop the available space, thanks to which we will have a lot of storage space. Such furniture can be ordered in large general construction or furniture chains, which will allow us to save a lot of money.

Accessories for finishing the bathroom

The key to the final appearance of our bathroom are accessories. And they don’t have to be expensive elements. It is enough to go to decorative stores, which can also become our inspiration. It is also worth reaching for catalogs and available projects that will provide us with ready-made solutions. And so, accessories in a completely different color will work perfectly in small interiors. For example, against the background of a gray bathroom, red or turquoise elements will look great  . Also, do not buy too many accessories, so as not to clutter a small space. Candles of different heights will work great. We can also fill the glass container with water and place floating heaters in it.

If not all things fit in the cupboards, then the cosmetics should be placed in a decorative wicker basket that can be placed, for example, on a washing machine. It is also worth buying an effective soap dish and a container for brushes. The bathroom can also accommodate small plants in decorative pots. Matching mats made of a fabric that are comfortable for the feet are a very important element. And finally, towels, they should also be in the right colors. Beautifully folded, they can become a decoration of our bathroom, it is enough to put them on an exposed shelf. A few days of work and thoughtful shopping will allow us to enjoy the completely renovated bathroom, all at a low price.