Thermoactive underwear is a good solution not only for sports

Thermoactive underwear is a very important element of clothing, especially in physically active people. This type of underwear can be used in virtually every sports field. The main task of thermoactive underwear is to remove moisture, i.e. sweat, and to maintain a constant body temperature. However, what thermoactive underwear should you choose from among so many different models on the market?

The difference between thermoactive underwear and thermal underwear

There is a misconception that thermoactive underwear  is the same as thermal underwear. However, they are two different types of underwear. Thermal underwear is only designed to protect the body from the cold and maintain its optimal temperature. Thermal clothing does not provide adequate ventilation, and at the same time it does not drain moisture or sweat. The task of thermal underwear is only to protect the body against bad weather conditions. Therefore, thermal underwear is not recommended for any outdoor sport.

Thermoactive underwear improves the comfort of doing sports – regardless of whether it is training or competition. Most often, thermoactive underwear is made of elastic fabrics with different composition – usually it is a combination of various artificial fibers, but some fabrics also have the addition of merino wool (having properties similar to artificial fibers). Thermoactive underwear not only perfectly insulates from external factors, but also provides adequate ventilation and at the same time wicking away moisture-sweat. Thermoactive underwear is breathable underwear, which makes it ideal not only for athletes, but also for any physical activity.

Why is it worth wearing thermoactive underwear?

Thermoactive underwear improves overall comfort during sports – amateur and professional. Thermoactive underwear with an appropriate composition and structure provides very good ventilation and protection against external conditions. Playing sports, whether outdoors or indoors, will be much more pleasant thanks to the appropriate thermo-active underwear. Playing sports in normal sportswear, e.g. in a regular cotton T-shirt is not very comfortable. Cotton does not drain moisture in any way (it absorbs moisture, thus becoming heavier and an unpleasant smell). Ordinary sportswear does not protect against negative weather conditions. Only thermoactive clothing ensures that heat is kept at a constant level.

What are the types of thermoactive underwear

Naturally, there are thermo- active underwear for women , men and children on the market . However, many manufacturers of thermoactive underwear dedicate it to specific sports disciplines. The most common types of thermoactive underwear:

  • for running – it must be well-fitted and flexible at the same time. At the same time, it is resistant to all weather conditions. Thermoactive underwear for every season of the year is available on the market. However, it is worth buying such a set of thermoactive underwear for running so that you can run in it all year round;
  • for cycling – thermal underwear similar to that for runners is a very good solution. For cycling, you can choose shorts or pants with an insert that protects against abrasion on the saddles;
  • for skis – the main task of this underwear is to protect against cold and transport moisture away. For skis, it is worth choosing thermoactive underwear, e.g. made of merino wool or with an admixture of this wool – it heats up, but does not overheat and drains moisture well;
  • for the gym – it is worth choosing light and thin thermoactive underwear for the gym, thanks to which the training will become more comfortable;
  • on a motorcycle – it greatly improves the comfort of riding. Thermoactive underwear made of merino wool will perfectly protect against the autumn cold
  • for volleyball, basketball and football – it is worth using thermoactive shorts and T-shirts. Thanks to adequate ventilation and freedom of movement, the comfort of the game will increase.

On the market you can find thermoactive underwear with pads, e.g. on the elbows or knees. This type of thermoactive underwear additionally protects some areas of the body against injuries.

What is the composition of thermoactive underwear?

Most of the thermoactive underwear available on the market is made of plastics. For most people, this may be a paradox – there is a common belief that natural materials are the best for the skin – the most airy and the healthiest for the skin. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true because clothing made of natural fabrics is very breathable, but does not have any thermal insulation properties and moisture management. Clothing made of 100% synthetic fabrics is less breathable, but provides better thermal insulation properties. Most thermoactive underwear is made of polyamide, a synthetic material that not only has thermal properties, but also wicks moisture away from the skin.

High-quality thermoactive underwear is a very good investment, even for several years of intensive use. However, in order for the linen to last longer, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.